Thursday, April 17, 2014

{Chicken First-Aid Kit}

In my 2 almost 3 whole years of backyard chicken raising I have never experienced any injuries or illness...until last Saturday. We went away for the weekend and I got a friend to look after our 3 week old barred rock, and buff orp chicks. 

They had been getting along great until Friday night, my friend texted me Saturday morning and said one of my chicks was injured!!! One of my poor buffs was being hen pecked by my barred rocks!! I then proceeded to give detailed instruction on removing the poor chick, and placing her inside the house in a Rubbermaid bin with food and water. She then texted me they were going after another, she removed her as well!!! 

In the end I ended up removing all 4 buffs from the barred rocks. And everyone was happy after that :) From this experience I learned I needed to put together a first aid kit for the flock, I had nothing on hand to help my most injured and now favorite chick Lucky! 

Here's what I put together, it's pretty basic and I'm sure I'll be adding to it as well.


I started with a clear Rubbermaid case to keep the contents clean and dry.


I included what I thought was most important;

A. Blu-kote it's a spray antiseptic, and protective wound dressing, it's germicidal and fungicidal. It has quite a high alcohol content, so I wouldn't use it on open wounds as it would probably sting. I would spray it on a closed wound, in my case (hen pecking) it works perfect as it comes out blue so it would hide any redness and prevent further picking by other chickens.

B. Betadine, an antiseptic cleanser. Pretty self explanatory would be used to clean wounds.

C. Normal saline, basically salt water used for flushing wounds, or eyes.

D. Hibitane, antibacterial ointment.

E. Polysporin

F. Gloves

G. Cotton swabs, and q-tips. All ointments, and creams, should be applied by q-tip or swabs as to not contaminate the whole bottle. Washes can be poured into small paper cups. 

H. Aspirin for pain, and Benedryl for any pesky bug bites or reactions. I've read you can crush these and mix with drinking water. 

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian. These are things I choose to treat my chickens with from my own research. You should do your own reading as well and find out what works best for you and your flock :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

{Coop Cleaning}

I saw this awesome recipe for an all natural coop cleaning solution on this great blog I recently discovered Fresh Eggs Daily I just had to try it out!!

For this tutorial you will need:

3 Large glass Mason jars

4 Large oranges
6 Cinnamon sticks
Vanilla beans
and lots of white vinegar

I started by cutting the oranges into quarters, and then peeled them. I saved the oranges for smoothies and stuff.

I divided the peels into the Mason jars equally...

I broke the cinnamon sticks in half added them,

Then added the vanilla bean, after I cut it length wise.

Top the jars off with vinegar,

Seal and let the jars rest for about a month. I left mine on the window sill! In one months time strain and add solution to a spray bottle!

Be sure to check out Fresh Eggs Daily, and find out the benefits of cinnamon, and vanilla in your coop!

{PW Corn Dogs}

I've heard so much about this PW lady I just had to check out her blog...for those of you who aren't familiar {you probably all know her already} PW means or is The Pioneer Woman. I will admit she is pretty awesome, has her own TV show, cook book, garden, blah blah blah...So anyways as I was surfing her blog I came across a corn dog recipe, of course I had to try it!!

For PW corn dogs you will need:
- 3 cups Pancake mix
- 1 cup Cornmeal
- 1 egg
- 3 cups of water
- hotdogs
- some sticks {I used shishkabob sticks, she suggested chop sticks, but who knows where you can buy those at?}
- Oh and one deep fryer or hot pan of oil

Mix your dry ingredients

Next add your egg lightly beaten, and water to desired thickness

I found super thick was the easiest when it came to coating the hotdogs, but just do whatever works best for you.

Stick your dogs, coat, and fry until golden brown, and eat :)

Le' Corndog!