Wednesday, June 27, 2012

{Coop Cleaning}

I saw this awesome recipe for an all natural coop cleaning solution on this great blog I recently discovered Fresh Eggs Daily I just had to try it out!!

For this tutorial you will need:

3 Large glass Mason jars

4 Large oranges
6 Cinnamon sticks
Vanilla beans
and lots of white vinegar

I started by cutting the oranges into quarters, and then peeled them. I saved the oranges for smoothies and stuff.

I divided the peels into the Mason jars equally...

I broke the cinnamon sticks in half added them,

Then added the vanilla bean, after I cut it length wise.

Top the jars off with vinegar,

Seal and let the jars rest for about a month. I left mine on the window sill! In one months time strain and add solution to a spray bottle!

Be sure to check out Fresh Eggs Daily, and find out the benefits of cinnamon, and vanilla in your coop!


  1. Thanks for sharing our blog post ! I am going to start using this cleaner both in the coop AND in our kitchen !

  2. Thanks you for the great tutorial to follow along with!! I really liked doing this post loved taking pictures of the pretty mason jars, can't wait till it's ready and I can use it!!

  3. love it natural cleaners they are the way to go. and when they smell good too added bonus!