Sunday, October 19, 2014

(Chicken Treats)

I've been experimenting with treats lately to see what chickens like and don't like. I've come to the conclusion that they like everything, and only sort of don't like bananas. 

Some of their favourites include; cranberries, avocado, cabbage, boiled eggs, and turkey. Yes they eat their own eggs, and no it's not bad for them. It's perfectly fine :) They need extra protein certain times of the year, and I will not feed them cat food like some people do. Yuck.

Sorry that's not for me. I wouldn't risk my eggs starting to taste like cat food. 

So here are the girls enjoying some Thanksgiving punch garnish leftovers! Right after I fed them this I read a list of do's and don'ts for chicken treats and sure enough citrus was on the list! They seem to be's been a week and everyone is still alive.

What do your chickens like? How often do you give treats?

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